Expert work with perpetual results

Digital Media

We build pages and websites that generate revenue perpetually: for years to come. Unlike most marketing companies and agencies, the vast majority of our income comes from sites we’ve built ourselves. We only accept work where we’re confident in promising sustained long-term traffic.

What we do

We create content and websites built to generate profit. We believe that everyone working on a website should understanding marketing, organic search, and how customers will interact with the website.


Organic Traffic

Every page is built to generate search traffic. Database analysts and copywriters alike are required to understand how their work brings in traffic.

Big Data

Our DBAs have handled datasets with records in the billions on a daily basis. Let us take your data and turn it into useful tools and content.

Full Service

We bring in everyone we need to get the job done. That means the job gets done faster, and without any disruption to your regular production.

Low Upfront Cost

We’re only paid when you make money. We’ll build or improve your website without charging outrageous agency rates, and only bill you if it works.

Goal Alignment

Because we’re only paid if what we do works, it’s in our best interest to understand your business, customers, and industry.

The Best People

Everyone at Perpetual has experience in both marketing/business and development. This ensures everyone doing any work is working towards the same goal.

Actually different

We’re not interested in get a few months’ retainer fees without being held to account for our success. We only take work where the outcomes are measurable. Working with Perpetual Digital Media means creating a partnership of the best kind: a partnership where your success is tied to ours, but needs almost no extra time investment or ongoing management.