Working With Perpetual Digital Media

Working with Perpetual Digital Media is a little different from working with a traditional agency. Please read our requirements and the reason for these requirements below.


Whenever two companies work together, they will be more effective when their interests align. We believe in also aligning our financial interests with yours. Our most common form of compensation is commission-based profit sharing. If possible, we like to negotiate a percentage of each sale that our work generates. This percentage varies by site and creation needs. We therefore have an incentive to do the work right, maintain and update what we build, and optimize the conversion path over time: all while making both companies more money. And you don’t have to worry about coming back with a bill for work we should have done the first time.

Creative Digital Work

We work on digital properties to generate more traffic that leads to your intended goal, which is usually “more sales.” We focus primarily on building new sections of content on websites. These pages are generally built to generate organic traffic from search engines or as landing pages for paid search campaigns.

Digital Access

We require full control of the website where we will be working, from hosting to analytics to the content management system (CMS). Full access is not negotiable. We strive to build quickly so that we can both realize returns quickly. Experience has taught us that waiting on multiple corporate personnel often leads to extended production delays. These delays are rarely worth any marginal benefits realized. We will work with you to create backups and quality checks before pushing pages live. Each quality checkpoint will have an expiration date where pages go live if no feedback or changes are received. We thereby ensure we’re not wasting time and money waiting on approval from busy people.


We will be more effective if we can meet with people locally and understand your site. We will travel to you at our expense to understand your business, website, and company. Depending on the job, we would like to spend somewhere between 1 to 10 days to ensure our work is done right. For larger jobs we may also want to check in regularly. If you do intend to hire us, please make sure we have access to the right people.


Our most effective past work has come from turning large data sets into useful content. The more data you can provide, the better. We will also perform a period of research before beginning work to locate any data and negotiate its purchase if necessary. Perpetual will gladly sign non-disclosure and non-compete agreements to use data appropriately while following any legal or compliance requirements. Our database administrators regularly work with records in the billions, so don’t worry about overwhelming us.

Full Service

We will complete work using our people and resources. We will happily coordinate wherever it makes our work better, but we will not rely on your developers, writers, designers, etc. This means there will be no disruption to your resources or workflows. Perpetual is an ideal solution for existing companies looking to build new sections onto existing websites, or for established companies to launch new websites. Please note we will likely reject small or new companies looking to build a first website.

Finally, due to current agreements, we cannot currently help you if your digital properties are in the following fields:

  • Travel and accommodations
  • Home services (TV, internet, home security, etc.)
  • Home furnishings
  • Kitchenware, food preparation tools, and dinnerware
  • Real estate and home sales

Ready to move forward? Let’s talk.

If after reading the information above you’re interested in retaining our services, please fill out the form below. Please allow up to 3 days for a response, as we may be immersed in an ongoing project.

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